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A year of test FREE!

If you are Enterprising or University Student or of Professional Education, it enjoys your Hosting Free during a year with than 100 programs settled more in your servant with Installatron. You do not doubt it, initiates or your projects in the network, even if it is only as experience or practices.

With this form you will contract your plan, that will activate to you immediately.
If you do not have domain, the option chooses to buy it
If you have domain in another recorder,
transfer it, is necessary so that your Hosting Free works. 1 year will be added to its present expiration date.

The fields with asterisk are obligatory

  • It indicates clearly your email, ten in account that you will receive all notifications and services through your e-mail.

  • He is interesting that us DES a telephone, fixed or at least movable, to put to us in touch before any eventuality with the e-mail.

  • It indicates your new company or the University or Center of Professional Enseñanaza where you study.


Brands of acceptance


No, desire to register it
If, but I want to transfer it






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