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A month of test FREE!

If you are a publishing Web and you need resources, comfort and economy, this it is your plan.

White brand so that you put your logo and you can resell Hosting.
It gives cover to 25 domains, and if beams short of resources can be elevated gradually, without the need that you contract another equal plan.
It transfers your domains and you will have more advantages.

The first domain is FREE a year when contracting your plan, but it is necessary to pay it to register it or to transfer it, reason why it will discount to you later in your invoice of Hosting. It remembers that when transferring a year to its expiration date is added it.

  • The fields with asterisk are obligatory

  • It indicates clearly your email, ten in account that you will receive all notifications and services through your e-mail.

  • He is interesting that us DES a telephone, fixed or at least movable, to put to us in touch before any eventuality with the e-mail.

  • It chooses if you wish to pay monthly-is more expensive or a term only of an economic year-more.

Brands of acceptance
The fields with asterisk are necessary

No, desire to register it
If, but I want to transfer it
If, but I do not want to transfer it




An annual quota
Twelve monthly payments


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