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HostingAragón is born almost simultaneously that You win, my signature of design Web that began its activity in November of 1996, being the first company in Huesca in invoicing a webpage.
In 1997 and before the necessity to locate of economic and profitable form the spaces Web of the clients of You win, I came to contract to a service of Multidominio with a virtual servant Windows that soon was extended to another Linux in another company.
However, the capacity remained short and the changes of policies in these companies were in unstable the service, forcing to arduous and not wished adaptations.
For this reason, at the end of 1997 it is chosen to acquire a Web server with his sistena of security before blackouts, sure, the capacity of bandwidth of the time limited much the service, although it was sufficient, because the modem of the time installed in the pioneering homes and companies is not either that they were a speed example. We are speaking of modems of 16,600 or 33,000 bauds, nothing else moved away than today we have. And progressively in agreement they advanced the capacities and the needs, went away acquiring new equipment, almost always virtual.
At present HostingAragon counts in property with the last generation of Web servers, cheap vps server hosting with the maximum capacity of the market and to the imaginable most profitable price for the benefits and solutions that it gives.
For this reason, and in spite of the initial infrastructure inconveniences as much as of capacity, I can be boasted personally to have given to uninterrupted service to my/our clients from the 1997, 24 hours and the 365 days of the year.
I give thanks to the clients who began with us and still they follow faithfuls, because I believe that it is the best sample of than we have made the things well. Thanks also, by all means to the new clients, who you are going away to astonish of the capacity and tools on which you will tell, that they are to the vanguard as far as technology.
Ramón Escartín Orús

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