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To form Outlook

To form the Outlook Express the Outlook or the Windows Mail is simple and until funny. Once you have learned to form an account, you will be able to program all that put to you ahead, helping to relatives and friendly.

Despite you have through your Control Panel the option of automatic configuration of all mailboxes in your Outlook or Windows mail.

First of all, you must have your contracted domain, and given of discharge, if you have not done it, do it here

We are going to suppose that we formed a .com email address, although could well be one .es. Your you will have to replace the direction by yours.
Without closing this page, it opens Outlook Express and it follows the following steps.
(Also you can print this leaf if it is to you more comfortable).
Step 1: Clica in the button Tools, and later in Accounts.

Step 2: It observes the eyelashes Everything-Mail-News-Service de Directorio. Place to you on Mail. Clica the option To add, and then you must select Mail.

Very well! , already you can begin to form your email address. In the next steps it is very important that you are mistaken neither of a point, nor of a letter, nor of a space. What we are going to do now is to program our Outlook so that we can send and receive the post office, for this reason, a single calligraphic error will prevent that it works correctly€¦ but you do not worry, because you can correct it without needing repeating all the steps.

Step 3: It will leave a menu to you so that you put the name that you wish or you want that it is known you. Beam this, gives him to following and later it writes so what your email address in small letters.

Note: It reviews later to see that you have written it well. It is a very common error by the proximity of the keys, to put one comma instead of the point, and later when reviewing it, until it can happen unnoticed. Thus us our experience says it. It remembers€¦ is puntoCOM, not comaCOM.

Step 4: In the squares of servant of Incoming and Salient Mail, you must write mail. and to add the extension of your domain. It reviews the text later to avoid errors.
Note: Although your you know that the POP3 and the smtp in other mailboxes are different, is not our case, because with your domain he is independent and it sends and it receives its own post office, does not depend on a portal, as for example Terra.

Step 5: Immediately, your email address writes, because this it will be your Name of Account, and later, the Password that Your you have invented or we have facilitated you provisionally until Your you change it.
Note: You must activate the square To remember Password so that whenever you send and you receive post office, does not request it to you and you save work, but yours it is a shared computer and you do not wish that you the mail, you do not have to activate it, and this way it will request it to you whenever sends or it receives. You will always be able to change later this option easily.

Step 6: You already have it€¦ only you must accept clicando in Finalizing and going to step 7.

Step 7: As in steps 1 and 2, you must go to Tools--Accounts, but this time, instead of clicar in Adding, you must do it in Properties. In the eyelash Servers, you must activate the square My servant requires authentication and to accept. As you can verify, here you will be able to review errors and to activate or to deactivate the option to remember password in case your computer is shared.

CONGRATULATIONS. You already can send and to receive mail€¦ and the best way to try if it works is to send a same mail to you€¦ to the direction that you finish creating. He is fastest to find out if €œthey leave€ and if €œthey enter€, because on the contrary you will have to review the configuration, since probably you will have been mistaken in some letter, point or you will have added without wanting a space with the spacebar (another error frequents). However, for any problem that you cannot solve, it consults in our technical support

IF EVERYTHING WORKS CORRECTLY, you already can form another mailbox later following the same steps€¦ and another one€¦.and another one€¦

Note: If you have many mailboxes in your Outlook, it arrives a little while that they are not possible to be distinguished when being called all equal. In order to put different Names to them and to differentiate step 7 repeats them, but instead of clicar in the eyelash Servers, do it generally.  In forward edge of writing you can put the name to him that you wish to the mailbox. The same operation for the following account repeats. In any case, this is only for your comfort. It does not affect to the operation of the mail. For any doubt it consults in our technical support.

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