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Typical of the servant

 - 2 xs superfluous Power supply
 - Own datacenter in Spain

Processor Yam AMD Opteron (metric ton) Processor 4332 I HAVE

Debian 8,64 bits
Processor Speed (MHz) 2992.562

Apache 2,4 Running
PhP 5,6 Running
DirectAdmin 1.47.0 Running
Exim 4.80.1 Running
MySQL 5.5.41 updated to MariaDB 10 the 10 of April of 2016
Named 9.7.3 Running
ProFTPd 1.3.4c Running
sshd Running
dovecot 2.1.15 Running
- ModSecurity (http://www.modsecurity.org/): protection concerning PHP, that prevents with attacks and hackeos on a Web or script.
- Suhosin: system of protection advanced for the PHP facilities. It was designed to protect the servers and to users against known defects and strangers in uses of PHP and the base of PHP.
- Monitor of Brute force: it prevents with attacks to the zone of administration of Wordpress and attacks of force brutra on accounts of e-mail, FTP, etc.
- BlockCracking and EasySpamFighter: for fight against the incoming Spam as the projection originated by Webs or hackeadas accounts of post office.

more than 100 programs free settled Installatron.

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