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You have 4 plans of Hosting, chooses yours. Comparative.

Free 1 year!
Later your plan chooses

80‚¬ year
Test 1 month free
Domain 1 year free

30‚¬ year
Test 1 month free
Domain 1 year free

180‚¬ year
Test 1 month free
Domain 1 year free
Prices more IVA
Entrepreneurs and Students, 1 year FREE!
Be useful to you free your unlimited hosting if you are enterprising.
You only have to pay your domain when giving it of discharge or to transfer it.
  • Your hosting Web from 30‚¬ to the year in Dell servant

  • Domain FREE the first year (except Enterprising Plan).
  • You have than 100 programs more settled with Installatrón

  • It proves a month the Hosting free, a year if you are new businessman or student.
  • To that delays. It compares here and your Hosting chooses.
  • Be useful to you the supply of Entrepreneur or Student to initiate your project.
  • If contracts your vps hosting but you have the domain in another servant, you will add a year to his lapsing when transferring it. Domain is something like .com, .net, for example;,, etc
  • It registers or it transfers your domain.
  • From 2.50 Euros +iva you will be your domain with Hosting Free a year old Enterprising Plan.
  • Domains .tk free also with Hosting Free a year Enterprising Plan.
  • You will have extranet of client to manage your domain if purchases more than one.
  • It verifies your domain here:
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